Explore with Atome Card: Top 5 Spots for a Memorable Night Out

Explore with Atome Card: Top 5 Spots for a Memorable Night Out

Not only tourists but also residents and casual seekers of nightlife know that Manila comes alive as the sun sets. It is one of the reasons why establishments have also been innovative in their offering, because if you’re a night owl looking to make the most of your evenings, you can always find the right place for you.

And with Atome expanding its payment solutions through the Atome Card, exploring the city’s famous nightlife spots is a breeze. In particular, the Atome Card comes with flexible payment terms such as 0% interest for up to 40 days or installments of up to 6 months.

So, we’ve run down the top 5 places where you can lay down your hair after a long day with our pay later card.

  1. Poblacion, Makati: The Trendy District

Known as the hippest neighborhood in Makati, Poblacion is a melting pot of trendy bars, speakeasies, and rooftop lounges. With your Atome card in hand, you can seamlessly hop from one spot to another, enjoying craft cocktails, live music, and a diverse crowd. Don’t miss the lively atmosphere of Z Hostel’s roof deck or the hidden gems like OTO and Alamat for unique drinks and memorable experiences.

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  1. BGC (Bonifacio Global City): The Modern Playground

BGC, also known as The Fort, is a modern business district that transforms into a lively playground at night. Explore High Street for a variety of restaurants, bars, and clubs. Use your Atome card for convenient payments at establishments like The Brewery, Bank Bar, and Revel at The Palace. Enjoy the fusion of Filipino and international flavors, pulsating beats, and an energetic crowd.

Explore with Atome Card: Top 5 Spots for a Memorable Night Out
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  1. Malate: The Old Soul with a Modern Twist

For a mix of nostalgia and contemporary vibes, head to Malate. This district has been a nightlife hub for decades and continues to evolve. With your Atome card, dive into the diverse offerings of music bars, themed clubs, and karaoke joints. Check out popular spots like Oarhouse for a taste of Manila’s eclectic nightlife.

Explore with Atome Card: Top 5 Spots for a Memorable Night Out
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  1. Cubao Expo: The Artsy Enclave

For a more laid-back yet artsy night out, Cubao Expo is the place to be. This creative hub hosts unique bars, indie gigs, and vintage shops. Use your Atome card to explore the offbeat charm of Today x Future, Fred’s Revolucion, and The Pop Up for an experience that goes beyond the usual mainstream nightlife scene.

Explore with Atome Card: Top 5 Spots for a Memorable Night Out
  1. Intramuros: The Historic Night Stroll

Experience the magic of Manila’s history by night in Intramuros. While it may not be as bustling as other districts, it offers a unique and romantic atmosphere. Use your Atome card for a serene night at Ilustrado or indulge in the vibrant local scene at Puerta Real Gardens. Enjoy a blend of history and modernity as you explore this walled city after dark.

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With your Atome Card as your reliable companion, exploring Metro Manila’s nightlife becomes not only exciting but also convenient. From the trendy streets of Poblacion to the historical charm of Intramuros, the city offers a diverse range of nightspots catering to every taste. So, gear up for an unforgettable night out in Metro Manila, where the fun never stops without the hassle of bringing extra cash.

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