Top 5 Romantic Destinations To Plan A Getaway With Your Partner

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Getting a permanent travel buddy is one of the best part about being in a relationship. Someone who you can share your interests with, someone with whom you can explore the world, and a person with whom you can enjoy the little moments of life. In short, being in a relationship means growing together and experiencing the incredible rollercoaster of life with someone special.

While we believe that relationships are all about romance and love, we forget to mention the effort and time it needs to bloom. Planning romantic and unforgettable getaways with your partner is an activity that can help couples to strengthen their loving relationships. The study has also shown that couples who communicate well, spend time together, and engage in activities that make them feel closer to each other are more satisfied and happy in their relationships.

If you are looking for a romantic destination to plan a honeymoon or to spend some exclusive time with your partner, then you are at the right place. We have shortlisted the top five breathtaking travel destinations for you that are the perfect holiday getaway. 

Santorini, Greece

Want to experience the best beach views and sunsets with your partner? Santorini, Greece, is one of the best romantic spots in the world. Imagine holding hands with your loved one, sitting on the peaceful balcony of your room, and watching the heavenly views of the island. Santorini is a place that has every element of romance embedded around every corner. 

  1. Best Time To Visit

If you plan a getaway near the beachside and want to soak up some summer sun with pleasant weather and beautiful views, then May to September is the ideal time to visit. These are also the most liked travel months by most tourists. Therefore, if you want to have a peaceful vacation and explore the city undisturbed, then book your hotel in the off-season, from October to February.

  1. Activities 

Besides spending a delightful romantic time with your partner in lavish hotels, you can also try some enjoyable activities in the city. For instance, exploring the nearest villages, enjoying the views of Mount Profitis Ilias, or taking a boat ride. Cost 

Santorini is slightly more expensive than other cities in Greece. The average estimated cost of planning a seven-day trip to Santorini, Greece, is around $5000 for a couple. 

Cappadocia, Turkey

Cappadocia, Turkey, is a perfect place to visit for a fairy-tale-like vacation with your honey. Landscape-dotted fairy chimneys, cave churches, underground cities, and cave-carved hotels make this place touristy. The hot air balloons are the leading tour highlights. Experiencing the hot air balloons with your partner will be a memory to cherish forever. Couples can visit the local markets and enjoy quality time together exploring the city’s ancient heritage. 

  1. Best Time To Visit Cappadocia

The ideal time to travel to Cappadocia is from March to May when the tourists’ visits are not at peak and the weather is moderate. You can also visit from June to August, which is also the peak when the city is crowded with tourists.

The average cost for a couple to spend six to seven days in Cappadocia will cost around $3000 to $4000. 

The Northern Lights, Finland

Witnessing Northern Lights in Finland is the best weekend getaway one could ever ask for. Finland is a beautiful place and is home to more than 180000 people, some amazing parks, and cute reindeer. If you think that experiencing Northern Lights means staying in camps all night far from the city, it’s not true.

Finland has some unique Aurora holiday places. Moreover, local guides will help you explore the place during the daytime. Couples can spend some of the best nights in the city and experience nature’s unforgettable phenomenal light show.

  1. Best Time To Visit And Estimated Cost

The best time to visit The Northern Lights in Finland is from August to April. The estimated cost for a couple to spend a week in the city will be approximately below $5000, depending on the activities. 

The Maldives 

Maldives is a dream honeymoon spot for the majority of people around the globe. The colorful tropical environment, sapphire blue clear lagoons, tasty-looking fresh breakfast floating in private pools, intimate hotel rooms, stunning views, and pleasant weather makes the Maldives a perfect romantic getaway destination. The hotels in the Maldives are the ideal spot for couples to enjoy their time with all modern world amenities with privacy.

  1. Best Time To Visit Maldives

There are many islands where new honeymooners and couples can enjoy their time. The best time to visit any of these islands to celebrate your love is between December to April. This time of the year is best for a peaceful stay because the weather is pleasant with little or no rain, and couples can also enjoy outdoor activities. 

  1. Activities 

There are so many activities that you can enjoy with your partner in the Maldives. Such as spending time in couples spas, sea therapies, island hopping, underwater sports, enjoying multiple restaurants with delicious cuisines, and exploring the lush jungles. 

The estimated cost of a luxury couple trip to the Maldives ranges from $5000 to $9000. However, a basic trip package can range from $3000 to $5000. 

Bali, Indonesia

Bali is another famous island in Indonesia that is a perfect getaway alongside your partner. It is also known as the island of Gods. This is a perfect romantic spot for every type of couple. Whether your love language is sitting by the ocean and enjoying the views, hiking the mountains together by holding each other’s hands, or partying the night off, Bali is the perfect spot for all these activities. 

This place perfectly combines culture, nature, beautiful views, nightlife, resorts, and cuisines. There are a lot of fancy hotels for couples in Bali where they can spend the perfect intimate time together.

  1. Best Time To Visit And Cost

The best season to visit Bali is from April to October. However, the best time to visit is considered to be the months of May, June, and September. The estimated cost to visit Bali, Indonesia, for two weeks for a couple is from $3000 to $5000.

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All the suggested places are some of the couples’ best and most liked destinations. You will never regret planning a week getaway in any of these places with your spouse. However, the cost of trips mentioned above is just an estimated range that can vary with time and activities.

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